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WSCAD Suite 2018 Basics

This "Getting Started" guide is designed to introduce you to the handling of the WSCAD SUITE as quickly as possible with the help of a practice example. Consequently, many functions of the program are not described here. The intent and purpose here is to enable you to independently create simple schematics with the associated report lists.

The exercise examples here refer to the project SUITE DEMO. To use the examples, you will need either the WSCAD SUITE 2018 Demo Version or a licensed software package from the WSCAD SUITE.
The scope of the WSCAD SUITE 2018 Demo Version corresponds to the Expert version. All automatic functions such as contactor management, PLC Manager, part management, cross-references, numbering, etc., are available. However, the projects created in the Demo Version are not usable in a licensed version.
Furthermore, there is a transparent Demo logo on all drawing sheets.
In the Demo Version, only the symbols and parts required for the exercises and some general symbols are included. You can, however, access the symbols and parts provided on the Internet (at www.wscaduniverse.com) in the Demo Version as well.
In addition, we can offer you the following options to further familiarize yourself with the WSCAD SUITE.
 Retracing of the SUITE DEMO project in a new project
 Invocation of the online help with the complete description of WSCAD SUITE (via the menu option
Help | Overview or as context-sensitive help via the F1 key).
 Participation in WSCAD seminars
 Beginner online training via the Internet at your workplace

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